Project Dive

The game “Dive” started as a project by the SRH University Heidelberg in the course “Virtual Realities”. Afterwards we continued developing and completing it as part of our game studio founding simulation named “Spooky Birds”. The team constellation can be found on its specific page. The game was developed using the Unity engine.

Dive describes a realistic and immersive adventure of two players in local multiplayer. One player has the role of the Diver using a VR-Headset. There while the other player is supporting him using voice-chat and a real-time map only he can see.

The game is set around the year 1925 in the North Sea. It is about salvaging a wreck which sunk during the first world war.

As the lead programmer in the studio my most notable roles were programming the AI of the Enemy, configuring the rendering of the map, as well as developing the shaders for both the VR-Player and the real-time map.

The objective of the game is navigating the Diver, the VR-Player, through the level to the treasure marked with the X on the map while avoiding the predatory fish. Its AI is programmed to bust hideouts and search the vicinity of the player. Spotting the player tightens the search radius and is visually indicated through the amount the enemy glows. After being spotted long enough the enemy reaches its maximal glow and starts attacking.

The finished game got released for free, mostly because our licenses of the used software didn’t allow commercial use. For the next project we adjusted our workflow to fix this issue.
The download can be found here:

VR-Player view. Enemy sighting player and lighting up

PC-Player view. Overview map to guide diver