MeatVsVegetables is a game I made with a friend of mine, Devin Bozkurt, as a GameJam game. I was in charge of the code and most of the unity implementation, while he did the modelling and level design. Game design was done by both of us, for the most part in the whiteboard session at the beginning. The game was developed using the Unity game engine.

The player controls the vegetables in their war against the computer-controlled meat. Both sides generate money that they spend building money farms, turrets, unit spawners or the units themselves. The units will move towards the enemy golden core to destroy it, battling the enemy troops and buildings in their way.

To realize the logic of health, attack, etc., all damageable entities (units and buildings) derive from the Entity base script and all attacking entities from the Attacker base script.

  • Date July 2018
  • Engine Unity 3D