Sealed Stories

Sealed stories is a roguelike adventure puzzle game. It is a depressing atmospheric game with a heavy focus on the sad story.

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The game was developed as the final project of my Game Development studies at the SRH Heidelberg. It was developed by a team of 14 people during a period of four months using the Unity game engine. The structure, planning and organization was left for us to manage on our own. The theme, genre and the focus on game design were the only requirements.

Initially I chose the position as a normal programmer. However midway through the project I was asked to take the position of the lead programmer. The reason being that I was better at working together and communicating with the leads of the other departments than our previous lead.

Considering the skillsets of our programmers we chose to distribute the major tasks to one person each. I was in charge of the interaction and combination system. I decided to make use of inheritance. Interactions were implemented by deriving from a base class, while I used interfaces for the combination logic.

Besides the major tasks, all small ones were distributed according to the total workload. Those without major tasks were therefore given more minor ones than the others.

  • Role Lead Programmer
  • Date 2019
  • Engine Unity 3D