Steam-punk dungeon-crawler

This game is a dungeon crawler in a steam punk setting. It was developed using the Unity engine.

The core aspect is the alchemy system. Multiple different substances can be found in the environment, on enemies or used by the player himself. Combining the elements results in various effects ranging from explosions to damage enemies, crystals forming to alter and block paths, to smoke that hinders enemy sight. The elements can be used by infusing ones sword, shooting it with a gun, building traps, or using the shots of the enemies.

One example is pictured below. The Symbols over the enemies head show they are “wet” with a specific substance. The white glow around the sword displays its infusion with the white substance. Hitting the wet enemy with the infused sword now will trigger an effect – in the given case an explosion.

Important to note are the effects of friendly fire. Triggering an explosion via the sword, a melee attack, will damage the player as well. In contrast to the sword the gun can’t inflict damage on its own and can only be used to shoot substances – in other words trigger effects or set wetness to enemies or the environment.

My most notable tasks were the character controller, the enemy AI and the alchemy interaction system.

This project was made as part of the game studio founding simulation. The team constellation can be found on its specific page.

  • Role Lead Programmer
  • Date 2018

Showcase of the stun effect "crystal" and the damage effect "explosion"

Symbold over the head show the enemies are "wet" with this spezific substance